Summer Horseback Riding Camp at Saddle Creek Farms

Our 2013 Summer Riding Camp is scheduled for August 5th – August 8th

Our summer horseback riding camps focus on western riding and are specifically designed to suit the age and ability of your children.

Summer Horse Riding CampsRiding Level: Beginner
(little to no horse experience)

Beginning to ride is such an exciting time. At Saddle Creek Farms, we believe that it is our job to guarantee that each beginning student is fostered patiently, safely, and progressively, allowing their love of horses to expand in confidence and knowledge. We focus on safety and horsemanship skills that allow for comfortable riding, and we introduce students to basics of Western riding. Riders will practice their skills at the walk and trot as they set a strong foundation for a lifetime of riding.

Beginning Focus – Basics of Control
• Safety
• Grooming
• Halter and Leading
• Tacking
• Introducing Correct Horsemanship
• Steering and Control at Walk and Trot


Riding Level: Beginning Intermediate
(small amount of horse experience through lessons or horseback riding camps)

Students continue to build on the information introduced in their beginning lessons and camps. We help riders develop confidence in their skills as horsemen through the fun and excitement of mastering their beginning skills while introducing and developing their next level of skills.

Beginning Intermediate Focus – Developing Confidence
• Safety
• Developing ability to groom saddle and lead independently
• Improving Horsemanship
• Performing figures at the walk and trot
• Concentration on steering and correct communication


Horse Back Riding CampRiding Level: Intermediate (able to independently control their horse at the walk and trot; previous riding lessons or horse riding camp)
The fascination of riding and understanding deepens. Intermediate riders will practice at walk, trot, and canter, gaining confidence in and out of the arena while continuing to work on control, confidence and balance.

Intermediate Focus – Perfecting Control
• Beginning ideas of complete control
• Performing figures in the arena at walk, trot and canter
• Concentration on steering and improving correct horsemanship
• Distinguishing leads


Riding Level: Advanced
(full control at walk, trot and canter; previous riding lessons or horse riding camp)

Advanced riders learn to develop their feel as they begin to fully understand the mind of a horse. Our emphasis is on training horses and riders. We teach riders to be truly centered, to listen, feel, and respond to their horse in an effective way.

Advanced Curriculum
• Work with confidence in arena and on trail
• Maintain roundness, bend, forward motion and control
• Organized communication
• Develop responsiveness and understanding
• Lateral movements
• Training techniques
• Continually improving your skills (execution) and your horses performance

Summer Horseback Riding Camp fee is $450/week.  Adults may register to join their children for a $250/week fee.  If you are interested in dates/times of our summer day camp, or would like more information, please complete the contact form below.

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